2019 Taiwan Cycling Festival Taiwan KOM Challenge - Merchandise
1 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – T-Shirt (NT$500)
(1) Standard version
(2) Academy(gray) version
(3) Academy(black) version
(4) Crown version
(5) Painter version

2 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Jersey (NT$2,500)
(1) Champion Jersey
(2) Designer's Choice Jersey
3 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Jersey (price NT$2,000 entry special price NT$1,500)
(1) KING Jersey - Men
(2) QUEEN Jersey - Women
4 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Jersey (NT$2,500)
(1) Challenge Jersey - Men
(2) Challenge Jersey - Women

2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Jersey _ Size Chart

5 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – KOM Windbreaker (NT$800)
Size: M~2XL
6 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Water Bottle (NT$100)
7 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Backpack (NT$350)
8 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Supply bag (NT$250)
9 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Scarf (NT$200)
10 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – KOM Teddybear (Length 20cm) (NT$380)
11 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Hat(NT$500)
  Red Version

Black Version
12 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge – Sport Towel(NT$500)
13 2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge - Glasses
  ※ 50% discount on purchase of SKY sunglasses during the event.
1. SKY - Red Dot Version:(price NT$4,980 entry special price 50%off)
  SKY red polka dot KOM sport sunglasses are the greatest offer protecting your eyes as your personal bodyguard. With latest photochromic technology and anti-fog treatment, the lenses are fog-free day and night. Frame made of Swiss EMS TR90 NZZ Grilamid excellent against high impact resistance is lightweight , resilient, and extremely rigid. Especially tested by the U.S. Military standard (MIL-PRF-32432A (GL)) against bullet impact resistance, Sky red polka dot KOM sport sunglasses has a stunning mechanical strength exceeded the specification of battlefield.
2. SKY – Speed Version:(price NT$3,980 entry special price 50%off)

SKY Race champion

With the same design of le Tour de France, the SKY Race Champion sport sunglasses come with high contrast HD lenses which enhance road visibility with subsidiary details, allow you a quicker reaction time with sufficient judgement; a set of bonus temples for more color matching included.
3. SKY – Leisure Version:(price NT$2,980 entry special price 50%off)
  SKY Lifestyle: With advanced explosion-proof polarized lenses, you can always enjoy a crisp and clear view just like the clear skies after the rains, and long-term wearing comfort. A set of bonus temples included, for an eye-catching or low-profile color matching in any places.
   How to receive your merchandise:
1.Check-in through mailing:
Overseas delivering 1~4 items NT$400
Overseas delivering 5~10 items NT$600
Overseas delivering 11~15 items NT$700

2.Personal Check In :  take  your merchandise at the KOM event check-in helpdesk in Hualien on Oct.24th.