2019 Taiwan Cycling Festival Taiwan KOM Challenge - Event Info.
2019 Taiwan Cycling Festival
Taiwan KOM Challenge
Founded in 2012, the Taiwan KOM Challenge has gone from humble beginnings to become one of the most prestigious non-UCI events on the international racing calendar, a climbing event that attracts both amateurs and top professionals alike. The route runs a total length of 105km, starting at sea level from Qixingtan Beach in Hualien, passing though the spectacular Taroko Gorge and finishing at the 3,275m summit of the highest passable road in Taiwan, at Wuling Pass on Mt. He Huan.

The Taiwan KOM Challenge is truly a once in a lifetime cycling event for all cyclists.
Event Information
1. Sanctioned by: Ministry of Transportation and Communication R.O.C., Tourism Bureau MOTC R.O.C., Hualien County Government, Nantou County Government.
2. Organized by: Taiwan Cyclist Federation (TCF)
3. Date: October 25th, 2019 (Friday)
4. Route: Hualien Qixingtan → Taroko Bridge → Route 8 → Tianxiang → Xibao → Xinbaiyang → Bilu Sacred Tree → Guanyuan Gas Station→Dayuling→Route 14A→Wuling Pass. Total Distance: 105km, altitude from 0, sea level up to 3275 meters. (Refer to route map & profile & climb details & last kilometers at Appendix)
5. Entry Qualifications:
a. MUST be 16 years old or above, and capable of finishing the route in 6.5 hours from the official start point (please note this is after the 18.5km neutralized zone).
b. Any rider who had a positive result recorded from ANY doping tests in the past will not be allowed to compete in the Taiwan KOM Challenge.
6. Categories
Elite: 19 years old and above (born before 2000. NOTE all riders born before 2000 may enter the Elite category but must be experienced racing cyclists).
M16: 16 - 19 years old (born 2000-2003)
M20: 20 - 29 years old (1990-1999)
M30: 30 - 39 years old (1980-1989)
M40: 40 - 49 years old (1970-1979)
M50: 50 years old and above (born before 1969)
Women: 16 years old and above (born before 2003)
※For individuals and rider’s companion(s) not riding the event, a KOM Spectator Tour can be opted.
7. Entry fee: NTD6,000 per entry (including NTD1,000 J-chip deposit fee)
Entry fee includes: Insurance fee, medal & certificate (only for official finishers), souvenir T-shirt / water bottle / backpack / race handbook / welcome party / feed zone supply / lunch / riders’ farewell dinner ticket. (For additional dinner tickets please refer to the registration page, and tick if required.)
8. Event Schedule
(Exact time will be subject to change based on special circumstance and will be announced beforehand.)
Oct. 24th, 2019 (Thursday):
10:00~18:00 Teams and riders check-in (at Parkview Hotel Hualien)
15:00  Welcome party & riders pre-race notice
Oct. 25th, 2019 (Friday):
05:00 Riders sign-in/check-in their day bags (at Qixingtan Beachside Park)
05:40 Opening ceremony
06:00 Race start (the first 18.5kms is a warm-up, official timing starts after the left turn of the Taroko Bridge – details to be published in the official brochure)
11:00 Award ceremony of GC Men/GC Women/Taiwan Top 6 (at Wuling.)
12:00 Award ceremony of Age categories/Combative/Friendship Award (at Kunyang.)
13:00 Wuling finish line closing time. Time limit: 6.5 hours after the flying start point.
18:00 Farewell dinner (In Hualien.)
9. Timing chip:
a. Japanese J-Chip system will be used for official timing.
b. NTD1,000 deposit is required for the sensor chip upon registration and will be refunded after the chip has been returned. In case the chip is lost, the 1,000 NTD deposit will be forfeited until the chip is founded and returned to the Organizer.
10. Registration Notice:
a. The registration is open until August 25th, 2019, or until the entry numbers reaching 600 riders (300 overseas riders & 300 local riders respectively).
b. A scanned copy of passport is required to be emailed to service@cyclist.org.tw, together with the rider order number provided by the registration system when registering.
c. Riders should be responsible for the correctness of all data provided in his/her registration.
d. Upon the announcement of the entry list, request to change category for any reason will not be acceptable.
e. The Organizer reserves the right to reject any rider’s registration.
11. Awards:
a. The NT Dollar prize awards are as below:
Item/Place 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th
Male/GC 500,000 225,000 100,000 50,000 40,000 30,000
Female/GC 500,000 225,000 100,000 50,000 40,000 30,000
Taiwan/GC 100,000 50,000 40,000 30,000 20,000 10,000
Total/NTD 2,140,000.
According to Taiwan tax law, a local citizen or resident card holder who wins prize money over NT$ 20,000 must pay 10% tax, foreigners must pay 20% tax. The amount of the tax money will be deducted from prize money.
A rider who has previously tested positive for doping will not be allowed to compete in the Taiwan KOM Challenge.
GC top 3 & Women top 3 riders doing drug testing will not be awarded prize money until verification of the drug test.
b. If a rider tests positive, no prize money will be awarded, and their result will be nullified.   Furthermore, they will be banned from all future Taiwan KOM competitions. If a rider's doping test result is positive, his/her placement and prize money will not be awarded to the next placed rider.
c. Top 6 placed male and female GC riders will be awarded trophies and prize money, and the overall first placed rider will be award with the Taiwan KOM champion jersey.
d. Most Combative Award: The most combative rider will be awarded with the Taiwan KOM Most Combative trophy and jersey.
e. Friendship Award: National best riders of those countries with no less than 10 rider registrations will be awarded with the Friendship trophy and jersey.
f. Every age category’s top 6 placed riders will be awarded with trophies.
g. All riders who finish the race within the time limit will be awarded a finisher medal and a finishing record certificate.
12. Doping Test
The GC top 3 & Women top 3 will undertake a doping test at this event (the method of sampling will be announced in the riders meeting and race handbook.) Riders must follow the rule of the doping test with no objection, or the Organizer may cancel that rider’s race ranking and all prize money.
13. KOM Spectator Tour: On Oct. 25th the KOM spectator tour will charge NT$3,000 per person, including transportation Hualien-Wuling-Hualien, insurance, KOM shirt, race book, and lunch in Kunyang (Please visit the KOM Spectator Tour webpage through KOM official website, and tick if required.)
14. Traffic Access from Taoyuan International Airport (TPE) to Parkview Hotel Hualien by public transportation:
a. Upon your arrival at TPE airport, Taking the airport MRT or airport bus to Taipei Main Station. It takes around one hour.
b. Take TRA Railway from Taipei Main Station to Hualien Station. The Puyuma Express takes around 2~2.5 hours.
c. Take a taxi from Hualien Station to the Parkview Hotel takes around 15 minutes.
15. This event strictly prohibits participants from riding down the hill back to Hualien or to Puli. The Organizer is not responsible for any accident after participants cross the finish line. Riders are to use team cars and/or other support vehicles. If riders have no support vehicles for downhill after finish line, he/she MUST book the downhill transportation services.
16. Transportation services:
Item Date Route Departure


1 Oct. 21st Airport Pickup All day All day TPE Taoyuan Airport to Platinum Hotel Taipei 2,000
2 Oct. 22nd Airport Pickup All day All day TPE Taoyuan Airport to Platinum Hotel Taipei 2,000
3 Oct. 23rd From Platinum Hotel Taipei to Hualien 09:00 14:00 Platinum Hotel Taipei to Parkview Hotel Hualien 2,000
4 Oct. 23rd from Taipei Main Station to Hualien 09:00 14:00 Taipei Main Station WEST 3 Exit to Parkview Hotel Hualien 2,000
5 Oct. 23rd From Platinum Hotel to Yang Ming Mt.
and connect to Taiwan KOM Challenge event
05:30 07:00 Platinum Hotel Taipei to Yang Ming Mt. Challenge Start Line 4,000
11:30 16:00 Yang Ming Mt. Challenge Finish Area to Parkview Hotel Hualien
(includes a mid-way shower refresh)
6 Oct. 25th Downhill from Kunyang
13:00 17:00 EAST-bound:
Kunyang to Parkview Hotel
7 Oct. 25th Downhill from Kunyang
13:00 17:00 WEST-bound:
Kunyang to Taipei Main Station, with mid-way stops at Puli, HSR Taichung Station, and TPE Taoyuan Airport
(Please tick your destination)
8 Oct. 26th Return to Platinum Hotel Taipei from Hualien 09:00 13:00 Parkview Hotel– Platinum Hotel Taipei 2,000
9 Oct. 26th Return to Taipei Main Station from Hualien 09:00 14:00 Parkview Hotel – Taipei Main Station 2,000
10 Oct. 27th Airport pickup All day All day Platinum Hotel to TPE Taoyuan Airport 2,000
11 Oct. 28th Airport pickup All day All day Platinum Hotel to TPE Taoyuan Airport 2,000
Transportation service notice:
a. Please also tick your destination if you book the Oct.25th West-bound downhill transportation.
b. If you plan to stay in Hualien on Oct.25th after the event, please leave your bike box in advance in the hotel and do not hand over it to event luggage truck heading for Wuling. If you plan to stay in Taipei after the event, please leave your bike box in advance in Taipei and do not bring it from Taipei to Hualien.
c. The downhill shuttle bus will depart on a fully-seated-and-go basis upon the traffic condition. ETA of each destination is for reference only. Please estimate reasonable time for your latter trip/flight arrangement.
d. There is a risk of falling rocks blocking the highway connecting Taipei, YiLan and Hualien, causing road closure and traffic control and thus effect the ETA.
17. Hotel accommodations::
Item Hotel Date Room Type Bed Type NT$
1 Platinum Hotel (New Taipei City) Oct.21st Single 1-person (1 bed) 2,600
Twin 2-person (2 beds) 3,000
Oct.22nd Single 1-person (1 bed) 2,600
Twin 2-person (2 beds) 3,000
Oct.26th Single 1-person (1 bed) 2,600
Twin 2-person (2 beds) 3,000
Oct.27th Single 1-person (1 bed) 2,600
Twin 2-person (2 beds) 3,000
2 Parkview Hotel (Hualien) Oct.23rd Single 1-person (1 bed) 2,600
Twin 2-person (2 beds) 3,000
Oct.24th Single 1-person (1 bed) 2,600
Twin 2-person (2 beds) 3,000
Oct.25th Single 1-person (1 bed) 2,600
Twin 2-person (2 beds) 3,000
18. Notice for 「KOM Merchandise」and 「KOM Spectator Tour」:
(1) The “2019 Taiwan KOM Challenge” event registration page has already included the columns for the event registration and the transportation/accommodation option. For registrants interested in booking items of “KOM Merchandise” (shirt, jersey, bag, scarf…), you may visit the “Merchandise” label to view the items and click “Buy Now” as another order. Or, just click the link below to view and purchase:
(2) For registrants with accompanied person(s) interested in joining the “KOM Spectator Tour”, please register him/her via the “KOM Spectator Tour” label to click “Register” as another order by using the accompanied person’s personal info(Since insurance is covered for the participants of this tour). Or, just click the link below to register:
19. Notice:
(1) Riders register this event by their own will and fully acknowledged and agree with all event regulations and notices.
(2) Falling rocks in Taroko Gorge are a hazard. Riders are requested to consider these risks before deciding whether to participate in this event. Riders will be required to sign a risk consent form before taking part in the event.
(3) There is a certain degree of difficulty involved with this cycling event. Attendees should consider the risk of riding this event and evaluate his/her own health condition to decide if entry is appropriate. Any rider with any health issues, or history of health issues such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy and asthma, is not allowed to participate in this cycling race/event. The Organizer will not be responsible for any accident caused by these health issues.
(4) In the mountain area, temperature and weather can change very fast. Riders are requested to prepare warm-keeping clothing at the finishing area. The rider backpack with post-event items (food/warm clothing) are required to be handed over at the start line, and these backpacks will be carried to the finish area by the Organizer.
(5) Riders must hand over the day bag to the Organizer before the event start. The Organizer will convey these bags to the finish area, for riders to take back for immediate use when arriving at the finish point.
(6) The Organizer has the right to terminate or pause the event if there is deemed to be any risk to the rider’s health and/or route safety. Riders and any other attendees must abide by this decision.
(7) All riders must ride standard road bikes or flat bar road bike fitted with a full braking system front and rear. Both front and rear lights MUST also be mounted for riding through tunnels and foggy areas. Jerseys cannot be sleeveless. Cycling helmets are mandatory during riding.
(8) Riders must ride on the right side of the road at ALL times. Riding against the flow of traffic on the left side is prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification.
(9) All riders are responsible for the effective and safe working condition of their bicycles. Any rider on a bicycle deemed unsafe by the Organizer will not be allowed to start the event.
(10) Riders who pass the finish line in Wuling must follow the following procedure: (Organizer-selected riders will take the doping test immediately), receive finisher medal, retrieve their personal day bags, then ride down the hill 2 kilometers on the western side to Kunyang parking lot to return their chip and receive the refund of their chip deposit money, and get lunch/certificate. Team cars and official transportation buses will be parked in Kunyang parking lot.
(11) Male competitors must not offer any sustained unsportsmanlike assistance or support to female competitors in a way that might affect the outcome of the race. This especially includes deliberate pacing by means of drafting and/or riding alongside. If any infringement is spotted by any race staff then both riders will be handed a DNF sanction. In the case of this behavior being reported to race officials by other competitors, the race Organizers reserve the right, once a judgement has been made, to impose the DNF penalty.
(12) There will be 3 check points in this event. Riders that fail to pass the check points within the designated time limits will be disqualified from the race.
★. Bilu Sacred Tree: 10:30
Dayuling: 12:00
Wuling: 13:00
(13) There are four feeding zones, at Xibao, Xinbaiyang, Bilu Sacred Tree and Guanyuan Gas Station. Riders should slow down and ride to the side of the road for feeding access.
(14) Team cars can feed riders only at two feed zones: Bilu Sacred Tree and Guanyuan Gas Station. Dynamic feeding on the course or feeding outside the feed zones is prohibited and could lead to a time penalty or disqualification from the event.
(15) Only the Men/Women GC top 6 riders receive flowers, and must if requested take part in the photo shoot and media interview. All will be held at Wuling. All other categories award ceremonies will be held at Kunyang parking lot.
(16) The ‘back markers’: race commissaire has the right to terminate the participation of any racer who has fallen behind the peloton too far. Riders in such situation should follow the commissaire’s instruction to stop riding.
(17) Riders should carry their health insurance card or travel document/other ID during the event. If any rider crashes and is injured whilst riding, please seek medical care immediately and keep the receipt and diagnosis certificate for later insurance claims.
(18) The first insurance for participants of this event is “Medical Travel Insurance”. Participants should evaluate his/her own safety regarding their personal health condition when deciding whether to participate in this event. Participants may apply for other personal insurance policies at own cost if they consider the Organizer's offered insurance as insufficient. Please refer to the event insurance policy website (click here) of “Medical Travel Insurance”  for the coverage details of the event insurance. The Organizer is only responsible for the indemnity amount with the maximum price per person as the insurance policies offers. Do not register for the event if you do not agree with the coverage, items, and indemnity amount of insurance policy.
(19) The second insurance for this event (participants) is “Public Liability Insurance” is for accident payments caused by Organizer. That means, based on the law, the insurance only covers the event accidents that are caused by the Organizer’s, and therefore the Organizer is liable. Please refer to the event insurance policy website (click here) of “Public Liability insurance” for the coverage details of the event insurance. The Organizer is only responsible for the indemnity amount with the maximum price per person as the insurance policies offer. Do not entry this event if you do not agree with the coverage, items, and indemnity amount of insurance policy. Any personal health issues during the event or any riding injury caused by a personal health problem will not be included in the insurance. Riders that have personal health problems should not attend this event.
(20) The entrant is responsible for the correctness of all entry information provided. The rider is responsible for all results caused by incorrect registration information.
(21) If the weather on the event day is bad, the Organizer may announce any new event policy at the Riders’ Meeting/Pre-event briefing. For example, the Organizer may cut short the riding time limit or shorten the race distance, etc.
(22) In the case of typhoons, other extreme weather conditions or a local government suspension of traffic on He Huan Mountain, the Organizer retains the right to delay, terminate or postpone the event, change the time limit of check points, or to alter the route at any time. In such cases, all information will be forthcoming at the appropriate time.
(23) The Organizer has the right to publish or share all event-related videos, photos, event results in media, internet, galleries etc. Attendee and riders must agree to the right of the Organizer to use all materials for promotion.
(24) Respecting the natural environment, riders are forbidden to litter along the route. Anyone doing so will be immediately disqualified from the event.
(25) Upon the completion of event registration, please continue to visit the TCF website www.cyclist.org.tw for updates.
20. Added Service
Transportation & Accommodation & Souvenir booking Service:
Riders from foreign countries please check the event Transportation / accommodation / souvenir booking” information page via http://www.taiwankom.org/, and tick if required.
21. Bike shop info in Hualien:
Merida Hualien – No.9, Jie Yueh Street, Hualien City. +886-3-836-1126.
KHS Bicycles dealer Guo Feng – No.1, Guo Feng Street, Hualien City. +886-3-833-3560.
Giant Bicycles Hualien Station – No.35, Guo Xing 1st Street, Hualien City (Near Hualien rail station). +886-3-833-6761.
Giant Min Jie Cycling – No.491, Chung Hua Road, Hualien City. +886-3-852-5717.
Giant Min Jie Cycling – 1F, No.1, Ming Li Street, Hualien City. +886-3-835-7427.
Taiwan Cyclist Federation/ Tel: +886-2-89193595/ Fax: +886-2-89193311
Website: www.cyclist.org.tw 
Address: No.17, Lane 100, Section 2, Chungxing Road, Xindian District, New Taipei City, 23146, Taiwan.