2019 Yangming Mt. Challenge - Introduction
2019 Yangming Mt. Challenge
Ride the Yangming Mountain Challenge on Wednesday October 23rd as part of our special Taiwan KOM / Yangming Shan Package, to warm up for the Taiwan KOM Challenge on Friday, October 25th!
For riders visiting this island for the Taiwan KOM Challenge, riding the YangMing Mountain Challenge in suburban Taipei is a great way for experiencing Taiwanese mountain roads before heading for Hualien. This event, with 35km of riding and 15km of climbing, offers a great way to experience the northern Taiwan coastal area and its mountain scenery in one ride. It’s also a great way to stretch the legs after a long flight!
1. Directed by: Tourism Bureau MOTC R.O.C.、Xinbei City Government, Taipei City Government.
2. Organized by: Taiwan Cyclist Federation (TCF)、Chinese Taipei Olympic Committee Civil Sports Division.
3. Co-organized by:Sports Office, New Taipei City Government.、North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC, Xinbei City Police Bureau, Taipei City Police Bureau, JingMei Branch of Directorate General of Highways (DGH) of MOTC.
4. Event Date: October 23rd, 2019 (Wednesday).
5. Starting Point: Parking lot of Baisha Bay Visitor Center, North Coast & Guanyinshan National Scenic Area Administration, Tourism Bureau, MOTC.
6. Route: Baisha Bay Visitor Center parking lot / Shihmen → No.2 North coastal highway → JinShan → ChungJiao → No.2A Yang-Jin highway → Bayen → Matsao → Yangmingshan LengShuiKeng Parking lot. Total distance: 36 kms. Altitude Rise: 815 meters.
7. Event Agenda:
Oct. 23rd, 2019(Wednesday):
  07:00 - Riders sign in and hand over their day bags (for items they will need immediately at the finish line), at the starting point.
07:40 - Pre-event briefing for route/weather condition.
07:50 - Addresses by Honorable Guests.
08:00 - Event Start.
09:10 - ETA of first rider arriving finish
10:00 - Award giving at finish point.
11:00 - Finish point closed.
8. Rider Qualifications:
Riders must be 16 years old or above, local and international KOM riders and those interested in finishing this challenge event.
9. Categories:
M16: 16 ~ 19 years old (born 2000-2003)
M20: 20 ~ 29 years old (1990-1999)
M30: 30 ~ 39 years old (1980-1989)
M40: 40 ~ 49 years old (1970-1979)
M50: 50 years old and above (born before 1969)
Women: 16 years old and above (born before 2003)
10. Route Map:
11. Route Elevation:
12. Entry fee: 1000 NTD per rider.
13. Entry fee covers: Insurance fee, KOM souvenir T-shirt, Time chip recording, Finishing medal, Digital finishing certificate.
14. Timing chips: The event will use the Japan J-Chip system to do rider time recording. Riders are required to deposit 1,000 NTD for the sensor chip which will be refunded at finish point once the chip is returned. In case of a lost sensor chip, the 1,000 NTD will not be returned as a penalty. So please keep the sensor chip with care during riding.
15. Registration: Please check the “On Line Registration” on www.cyclist.org.tw or www.taiwankom.org. The registration period is open from now until August 25nd or until fully-booked. For registration questions please email to: service@cyclist.org.tw.
16. Awards: All riders who finish the event within the time limit will be awarded with a finishing medal and a digital finishing record certificate.
17. Notice:
(1) Riders registering this event with free will, fully acknowledged and agree with all event regulations and notices.
(2) Riders must hand over the day bag to the organizer before the event start. Organizer will convey these bags to the finish area, for riders to take back for immediate use when arriving finish point. Please remember to pack personal warm-keeping stuff.
(3) There is a certain degree of difficulty involved with this cycling event. Attendee should consider the risk of riding this event and evaluate his/her own health condition to decide if entry is appropriate. Any rider with any health issues, or history of health issues such as hypertension, cardiovascular disease, heart disease, diabetes, epilepsy and asthma, is not allowed to participate in this cycling race/event. The event organizer will not be responsible for any accident caused by these health issues.
(4) In the mountain area, temperature and weather can change very fast. Riders are requested to prepare warm-keeping clothing at the finishing area. Event backpack with post-event stuff are required to be handed over at the start line, and these backpacks will be carried to the finish area by the organizer.
(5) The Organizer has the right to terminate or pause the event if there is deemed to be any risk to the rider’s health and/or route safety. Riders and any other attendees must abide by this decision.
(6) All riders must ride standard road bike or flat bar road bike fitted with a full braking system front and rear. Both front and rear lights MUST also be mounted for riding through tunnels and foggy area. Jerseys cannot be sleeveless. Cycling helmets are mandatory during riding.
(7) Riders must ride on the right side of road at ALL time. Riding against the flow of traffic on the left side is prohibited and will result in immediate disqualification.
(8) All riders are responsible for the effective and safe working condition of their bicycles. Any rider on a bicycle deemed unsafe by the organizer will not be allowed to start the event.
(9) Riders pass the finish line must follow the following procedure: Receive the finishing medal, take personal bag back, refund time chip, take team car or pre-booked event transportation bus.
(10) Riders should carry their health insurance card or traveling documents during the event. If any rider crashed and injured when riding, please seek medical care immediately and keep the receipt and diagnosis certificate for latter insurance claims.
(11) The first insurance for participants of this event is 3-million “Medical Travel Insurance”. Participants should evaluate his/her own safety regarding personal health condition when deciding whether to participate in this event. Participants may apply for other personal insurance policies at own cost when considering the aforementioned insurance being insufficient. Please refer to the event insurance policy website (click here) of “Medical Travel Insurance” for the coverage details of the event insurance. The organizer is only responsible for the indemnity amount with the maximum price per person as the insurance policies offers. Do not register for the event if you do not agree with the coverage, items, and indemnity amount of insurance policy.
(12) The second insurance for this event (participants) is 5-million NTD “Public Liability Insurance” which is for accident payments caused by organizer responsibility only. That means, based on the law, the insurance only covers the race or event accident payments that is caused by the organizer's liability. Please refer to the event insurance policy website (click here) of “Public Liability Insurance” for the coverage details of the event insurance. The organizer is only responsible for the indemnity amount with the maximum price per person as the insurance policies offers. Do not register for the event if you do not agree with the coverage, items, and indemnity amount of insurance policy. Any personal health issues during the event or any riding injury caused by a personal health problem will not be included in the insurance. Riders that have personal health problems should not attend this event.
(13) The entrant is responsible for the correctness of all entry information provided. The rider is responsible for all results caused by incorrect registration information.
(14) If the weather on the event day is bad, the organizer may announce the new event policy at the Riders’ Meeting/Pre-event briefing. For example, the organizer may cut short the riding time limit or shorten the riding distance…etc., in terms of safety concern.
(15) In case of extreme weather conditions or a local government suspension of traffic on the event route, the Organizer retains the right to delay, to terminate or to postpone the event, change the time limit of check point, to alter the route at any time. In the event of such cases, all information will be forthcoming at the appropriate time.
(16)  The Organizer has the right to publish or share all event-related videos, photos, event results on media, internet, galleries etc. Attendee and riders must agree to the right of the Organizer to use all materials for promotion.
(17) Cherishing the natural environment, riders are forbidden to litter all the way of riding route. Anyone doing so will be immediately disqualified from the event.
(18) Upon the completion of event registration, please continue to visit the TCF website, Taiwan KOM website and TCF/KOM Facebook pages periodically for any additional information. Any updates, alterations and general information change will be posted there.
18. Contact: Taiwan Cyclist Federation
Tel:+886-2-8919-3595 Fax:+886-2-8919-3311
Website: www.cyclist.org.tw
Address: 1F., No.17, Lane 100, Sec. 2, ChungXing Rd., Xindian Dist., XinBei City 231, Taiwan (R.O.C.)